Registrations & Cancellations

Registrations & Cancellations


Who can become a student of the German School Tokyo Yokohama?

The German School Tokyo Yokohama is an international school, which is being visited by children from around 20 nationalities. A large part comes from Central Europe and has a mixed Central European-Japanese background, but basically children from all nationalities are welcome at our school. We are integrated into the network of more than 140 officially recognized and subsidized German schools abroad, in which we have recently been awarded the title of "Excellent German School Abroad". This integration also facilitates transitions to other German schools on a global level. 

Formal education is designed to gain internationally recognized German qualifications, especially the high school diploma (“Abitur”) and the diploma for technical colleges (“Fachabitur”), which provide direct access to higher education.

In a personal conversation we will be happy to assist you in finding the best solution for your children.

For enrolment, it is also required that at least one parent or legal guardian lives in Japan. The decision about the enrolment at our school is made by the principal after the application documents have been submitted and an admission interview has been conducted.

When should you apply and enroll?

Early registration is recommended to facilitate the necessary organizational arrangements and consider the newly admitted children in the planning process (for example class allocation and bus organization). If you have no address in Japan at the time of registration, we kindly ask you to supply such data as soon as possible. You are welcome to submit documents in advance via e-mail or fax and produce the originals later.

It is best to enroll early, that is usually at the beginning of the school year. An admission during the school year is possible in principle, and we will support you to achieve a swift integration of your children into the new environment.


Once the end of your or your child’s time in Japan draws near, please do not forget to give notice in writing, using the specified form. Transitions to the school systems of  German-speaking countries, or to any of the over 140 German schools around the world (link to ZfA!) are easily possible, so that an education started at DSTY can be successfully continued worldwide. 

Selected content is available in English and Japanese.

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